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Confidential, Yukon based representation for your Record Suspension (Pardon) Application  


  One of the challenges of living in the North, particularly in communities, is limited services. While we live in a world of online forms and submissions, sometimes its great to be able to chat to someone face to face, especially on personal, confidential matters. This is especially true for people wishing to apply for record suspensions (formerly known as pardons). A Record Suspension Application can appear lengthy and onerous, and requires the applicant to contact the Federal Government, Territorial/Provincial Courts, and the RCMP (and/or a local Police Service).

While anyone can apply for a record suspension on their own without a lawyer or a representative, for many, the memory of arrest/conviction/sentencing is triggering or uncomfortable. Perhaps you’ve already applied and run into complications, had your request denied or only partially granted, or maybe you just don’t have the time, or “paperwork” just isn’t your forte.

Whatever your situation, we guarantee 100% confidentiality and can provide you with knowledgeable, timely representation from initial consultation to file closure and destruction.

We want you to receive your record suspension and live your best life.


 A successful Record Suspension application can help you;

* Gain access to better employment opportunities

*Allow you to bid on certain government contracts you otherwise may be excluded from

*Apply for Citizenship (if you are currently a permanent resident who otherwise qualifies to apply)

*Increases your travel potential (but keep in mind some countries do not recognise Record Suspensions)


 Our goal is to offer services that help the average person overcome barriers to their potential. As we evolve and add additional services later this year, we hope to reduce any anxiety our clients may have to an absolute minimum and make your record suspension application experience as pleasant as possible. We want you to spend your time thinking of positive outcomes rather than stressful processes. 


The best way to predict your future is to create it.......Abraham Lincoln 

 Read the National Parole Board 2017/18 Annual Report to Parliament;

Read the latest news on how legalizing Cannabis possession may affect Record Suspensions;  

Did you know?

*Approximately 13% of all Canadians have a criminal record.

* in 2017/18, 21% of record suspension applications submitted to the National Parole Board were rejected at screening due to ineligibility, no payment, wrong processing fee and/or missing appropriate documentation.

*There are currently over 400,000 convictions in Canada for Cannabis Possession alone.